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I love making crafts and i love WhoLock and i love my followers!
So, nothing is better than a huge giveaway for you all! :D
Every single item in this giveaway is HANDMADE with love,you can also find these items on my etsy shop! ~

(Ok Sara,now shut up, what can we get?) I decide to make THREE prizes for this giveaway!When it will end, i’ll randomly pick three winners : 

  1. the FIRST WINNER decides his/her prize from the three
  2. the SECOND WINNER decides his/her prize from the remaining two
  3. the THRID WINNER gets what’s left !



 My version of the River Song’s journal with a blue wooden box which recalls the Tardis’ sign! The journal is entirely handmade and it has 50 old-looking pages!


 If those little figures remember you something…yes,they are a polymer clay ‘replica’ of GeoTheBio’s lovely Sherlock poster!They are magnets, and they will come with a 221b Baker Street diary, full of prints and quotes from the books, an “I Owe You” apple necklace and a 221B necklace!Everything handmade by me C:


 This tiny blue box has a Tardis sign on it!And inside you will find a Fez keychain, a Tardis sign necklace and a red Bowtie necklace! Again, everything designed and made by me :D

R U L E S ! ! !

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  • i ship worldwide ,like my otps
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I’d like to thank each one of my followers who accepted to deal with my daily madness.
Thank you !


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